oil industry

In Louisiana, the oil industry is more than just a business; it's a way of life. At Ameraseal, we understand the unique demands and complexities of this sector, from offshore drilling to refining and pipeline maintenance. We're here to provide you with the components you need for smooth operations.

How We Serve the Oil Industry

Industrial Product Distribution

  • Ring Joints: Essential for high-pressure systems in drilling and refining.
  • Spiral Wounds: Reliable gaskets for a range of oil industry applications.
  • Seals, Hoses, Nuts, and Bolts: Comprehensive offerings to keep your operations running.

The Ameraseal Difference

  • Deep Industry Knowledge: With roots in Louisiana, we have a deep understanding of the local oil industry's needs.
  • Custom Solutions: Our tailored offerings match your specific operational requirements, whether offshore or on land.
  • Personal Service: At Ameraseal, we see you as a partner, not just a customer. Our service-oriented model ensures we're there for you, every step of the way.

Contact Us For a Solution Tailored to You

In an industry where time is money, don't settle for off-the-shelf solutions. Contact Ameraseal today for components and advice tailored to the unique demands of the oil sector.